LeeAnne Wright
  • food stylist and editor for almost a decade

  • has contributed to Glow, Wish, Gardening Life, Canadian Family, and Food & Drink magazines

  • brings a positive energy to every shoot

  • loves the synergies that are vital to getting the best shots

  • always anticipates and prepared for the unexpected

  • trained by C.I.A. instructor and reknowned food stylist Delores Custer (N.Y.C.)

  • brings a fresh eye and sharp tweezers to every shoot

  • "Not only is LeeAnnne fun to work with on set, her food tastes fabulous!"

    Jennifer Reynolds, Editor in Chief, Canadian Family magazine

  • "LeeAnne devised the most delicious granola I've ever eaten. The photoshoot ground to a halt while the art director and I crunched away at it. LeeAnne always puts an irresistably surprising spin on familiar fresh ingredients, whether it's for a photograph or for the dining table. She's on my speed dial list."

    Edward Pond, photographer

  • "My fiancé eats the ham and egg bowls from the April 2009 issue almost every day. Your magazine's mouthwatering pictures have inspired me to start trying to cook..."

    C. Harper, Canadian Family reader

Watch LeeAnne in action:






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